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Frequently asked Questions!

Hello all! :) For a while now it's been really difficult for me to be super active on DA in regards to answering all questions I get via notes and comments.

-If you're curious if I do commissions, I'm sorry to say that I don't take commissions anymore. I work a full time job now, so I just don't have the extra free time that I used to (it's hard enough to get my own personal projects done lol).

-If you have a wig-related question, please just shoot me an email at
At Arda-wigs, it's actually part of my job to give advice and wig suggestions to customers, so if you ask me there, I'll be happy to answer you (and pretty quickly!) in comparison to here. It's something I get paid to do, so I'm less inclined to answer the same kind of questions off the clock here, haha. XD

-If you have a non-wig question related to how I did something on a particular costume, lately I've been trying to add all that information into the description of at least one of the photos of that costume. Just browse through some of the different photos until you find it (it's usually in the first or second photo submission of that costume), or you might find a link to the costume construction information via another photo. If you still can't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask via a note.



Hello, both old and new subscribers or lurkers!

I don't get online a whole lot these days besides checking my facebook and occasionally uploading photos on here and tumblr. I used to be pretty hooked on DA between late High School and early College days, but it just became more difficult to keep up as my workload increased. I graduated college, but I now work a full-time job and just have evenings and weekends to relax and work on my hobbies. I do social networking for my job, so I'm generally not in the mood to do my own social networking when I go home. XD Cosplay is a wonderful hobby, but there have been times when it took a toll on my health. I am prone to anxiety and stress, and too much of it causes migraines or makes me sick. I've had to change a lot of things about my lifestyle; besides a lot of online inactivity, I stopped focusing on my personal Youtube channel, stopped competing in contests, stopped setting deadlines for costumes, started making less (but higher quality) costumes, doing less photoshoots, and developing a thicker skin against negativity. I still make costumes and strive to be the best person I can be, and I hope those of you that still follow my work can respect the decisions I've made.

To make things easier for everyone, I'm going to post answers to some of my most frequently asked questions here, and leave this on the top of my profile for hopefully everybody to see! XD If you've asked me a question before through a note or a comment, please read below!

Q: Do you take wig commissions?
A: No I do not! D: I occasionally take some here and there, but only from closer friends. Unfortunately I just don't have the time for them. I work a full-time job, so I like to spend what free time I have on personal projects and having some relaxation time. 

Q: How do I style this wig!? What wig/color should I get?
A: I have a variety of wig styling tutorials both here in my gallery as well as on the Arda-wigs website! 
Here are the ones I've done on my own free time:…
The Arda website has tons of tutorials from myself as well as our customers:…
If you still can't find what you're looking for, please email me at with your question and I'll answer to the best of my ability. Part of my job is helping customers with wig questions, and you'll get a much quicker response if you ask me there instead of here.

Q: How did you make your _____ costume?
A: When I upload the first photo of a new costume I like to type a nice wall of text in the artist info box with all that info for you guys! Check my gallery folders for more photos of the costume, and you'll likely find it. 

Q: How should I make my _____ costume?
A: At my work we have this handy forum! I check the forum regularly during the week, so feel free to post your question there, and other costume-makers might have some advice as well!…

Q: How do I get into cosplay!?
A: Do some research for tutorials or take some sewing classes if you're interested in making your own things, but if you don't have the money or time to invest then there's nothing wrong with buying a pre-made costume or commissioning someone to make it. Start simple and challenge yourself to experiment with new materials and techniques as you go! If you think something will work then go for it! Buy cheap fabrics or articles of clothing from Goodwill/Salvation army to take apart and play around with. :) Regardless if you make or buy your costumes, enjoy it!

Q: Can I use one of your photos for a class/publication/etc?
A: It depends! send me a message on my FB fan page with a link to the image and why you'd like to use it.…

Q: Are you going to _____-con?!
A: Here is my current con list for 2015:
-Midwest Costume Academy
-Colossalcon (fun time con)
-Cosplacon (guest)
-Dragoncon (depends on work)
This list is subject to change depending on if I'll be sent to more/different cons for work, or if I get invited anywhere else as a guest. For cons I work at or am a guest at, I am compensated for transport and hotel, which is why I am able to go those long distances. Most of the cons I am able to afford for fun are just the more local ones (which for me is around Chicago). 
I've had people offer to pay my way to go to a con near them, but I'm just going to tell you guys that the answer is no unless it's being offered by the con itself. I'd feel bad using someone's personal money like that, and it'd make me feel obligated to return the favor, and I just don't want to get myself into that kind of situation. When I guest at a con, I'm technically working for my hotel/travel by hosting panels and judging the contest. If you're offering me money for the gas and hotel without asking for anything in return, I'm going to be suspicious.
When I work at a con, this means I'll be at the Arda Wigs booth during dealer's room hours, so feel free to stop by and say hi (maybe buy some wigs! ;D) but just a heads up that I can't chat when there are customers that need my help.
Sorry for the long explanation of things; since I've been to cons all over, people oftentimes assume I can afford to go anywhere, but that's not actually the case. XD I'm currently in a good financial situation, but I'd like to put more money towards future investments like a house or car rather than blow it all on cons and costumes. XD

Q: Why don't you do skits/videos anymore?
A: I work a full time job now in a place far from where my skit friends live. As much as I enjoy making silly videos, it's difficult when I don't have the time or enough people around to make them happen. :<

If you have another question that is not answered here, then feel free to send me a message on facebook; it's currently my favorite place to share my work and interact with people. :)


FFXIV: Adventurers of Eorzea by Malindachan
FFXIV: Adventurers of Eorzea
Towards adventure! Here's our ‪FFXIV group from Colossalcon!

From Left to Right:
Lady Ava Cosplay
Elz with Garuda's Spine by Volpin Props

Photo by

FFXIV is (c) Squeenix
Final Fantasy XIV: Moonfire Faire Miqo'te by Malindachan
Final Fantasy XIV: Moonfire Faire Miqo'te
I started playing FFXIV last year around the time of the Moonfire Faire, and I've been excited to make one of the Yukata ever since! Colossalcon was a great opportunity to do it since the weather was finally warming up. I want to make some Bard things hopefully in the near future!

Since this is a new costume, here's what I did for each piece:

The wig is a Magnum in Desert Brown from Arda Wigs, with a pack of short wefts added in for the side pieces. To make them poofy, I curled them in several sections and brushed them together - it took a bit of time to get them just right! The hair beads are made out of EVA foam, though when I have more time I'd like to make sculpted beads.

The ears are made from artificial fur - The brown was originally very light, and I had to dye several swatches with a mix of brown and black polyester dye until I got a color that matched my wig. I did the same with my tail's fur, and used this method to make it:
Perky Cat Tail Tutorial by Yume-ka
The insides of the ears are just made of pink stiff felt that I glued to the underside of the fur; I got the felt wet and painted a red-to-pink gradient with fabric paint. Once everything was dry, I pinched the shapes and sewed them to some hair clips, so they can hook into my wig but be removable (since I eventually plan to make the Artifact gear for Bard, which has a hat).

I used Simplicity's Kimono Pattern for the Yukata, which is Simplicity 4080. The design is shorter in the game, so I just shortened the length of the Yukata itself, as well as the neck band. The only white fabric I could find that was thick enough to not be transparent was Denim, so that's what I used. I didn't have much time to do a lining, and Yukata usually don't have lining anyway, so I just went with it. XD

I did some draping for the obi thing since it has a different shape to it, and its' made with broadcloth, interfacing, and bias tape. It has hook-n-eyes in the back, and the bow was made separately and sewn on. It was interesting trying to figure out the braiding of the gold and red ties (which I'm not sure how you'd do it normally, but I think it turned out ok).

All the butterfly designs are applique. My illustrator husband was a huge help and drew most of them for me since I was pretty short on time, and I traced them on the heat-n-bond, cut them out, and did all the satin-stitching.

You can't see my shoes here, but I found black and red Geta that matched the ones in the game, and just attached some flowers that were spray-painted gold. You can get a bow like mine for dirt cheap on Amazon!…
I just did some light modifications since I also use this bow for Yona. XD

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography…

FFXIV is (c) Squeenix
Flowers Blooming in the Church by Malindachan
Flowers Blooming in the Church
I hope you all are just as excited as I am about the FFVII remake announcement! 

Aerith cosplay made and worn by me

Photo by Joseph Chi Lin…

FFVII is (c) Squeenix
Akatsuki no Yona by Malindachan
Akatsuki no Yona
I'm in love with Akastuki no Yona!

I decided to throw this costume together for a photoshoot at the botanical gardens. Since it's the first photo of a new costume, here's the rundown!

Wig: this was a Jane in Crimson from Arda Wigs! For styling I relaxed the curls using heat from a hair dryer, re-curled some sections at the bottom, and trimmed a little bit of length in the back as well as the bangs. 

Light Pink Dress: The fabric is a crepe, and I used Simplicity pattern #2777. I gathered the top a bit more so it would sit a little higher, and finished the top edge with bias tape. Took in sleeves a little, and waited for the bias to set overnight before hemming the bottom.

Dark pink vest and sash/obi thing: I got all my fabrics at a fabric warehouse that doesn't have everything labeled, but I think what I used here was all gabardine. I used a Jedi pattern for the vest! (Simplicity 5840). This pattern was huge, so I had to take in a lot of seams, and shortened the neckband so it would end under the obi. The Obi/sash was originally just an interfaced rectangle, but I created seams on the sides so it'd fit my figure better. Not sure what's considered historically accurate since everything is a blend of fantasy Korea, China, & Japan so I just went with what looked good on me (orz I'm sorry!) I used a pink ribbon for the final touch, though I'm considering making one out of the same pink crepe as the dress if I can get more of it later.

Earrings and Hairpin: I bought the hairpin on ebay, and it came with earrings. I didn't like the tassels, so I swapped them out with some I made out of ribbon. If I can find a pre-made tassel that I like, I'll likely replace them again. XD (I just couldn't find any that were in the right color, length, and thickness).

Photo by Lightshaper:…

Akatsuki no Yona is by Mizuho Kusanagi


Malinda Mathis
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United States
Armed with a can of hairspray as her weapon of choice, Malindachan is all about her wigs. She taught herself to style wigs so she could cosplay her favorite overly-spikey-haired YU-GI-OH! characters, and eventually this led to her habit of selecting characters based on who's hair looked the most ridiculous. As a gamer Malinda loves to play RPGs, her favorites being Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, and the Tales series. Other favorite things include One Piece, animated films, magical girls, sweets, nostalgic things, and owls.

Encouraged to pursue her artistic talents, she earned a Bachelor’s in Art with a concentration in 3D Computer Animation. She feels she can best exercise her range of abilities through cosplay. She learned to sew at a young age, and other than her Jigglypuff costume attempt at age 11, she started making her own costumes in 2004 and actively cosplaying in 2007.

Malinda does Social Networking Management and Customer Support for


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