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September 21, 2012
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Animefest 2012: Skyward Sword by Malindachan Animefest 2012: Skyward Sword by Malindachan
Been itching to share how my Skyward Sword Link cosplay turned out~ :D
We didn't have very much time at the con to get photos, but we were able to squeeze in a quicky shoot thanks to Rory and Mike.

Photo was taken by :iconboikem:

Groose cosplay made by :iconex-shadow: and :iconmalindachan: and worn by :iconex-shadow:
Elder Impa Cosplay made and worn by :iconkaia-of-the-wind:
Link cosplay is made and worn by :iconmalindachan:

Since this is my first SS Link cosplay post, here's my wall of construction notes:

I was following images of the Link Figma figure as my main reference. Though, The chainmail is brass because I originally started on it ages ago for a TP Link cosplay (which I hope to start working on soon).

I made the chainmail from scratch, using brass wire that I hand-coiled around a metal dowel, and cut each ring individually with side-cutters (rings are about 1/2 inch diameter out of 16 Gauge brass wire). The weaving part wasn't so bad; I'd say the hardest part was cutting the rings (sometimes my hands would feel so sore that I'd have to force myself to stop working on it until they healed). I started on the chainmail about 2 years ago, but about half of the work was crammed into this past summer. Every time I cut about 100 rings, I added the number to a tally I recorded in a notebook. Final ring count was 7608, and it weights nearly 10 pounds (though it could have been a lot worse if I made my rings smaller or out of a thicker wire lol).

Leggings are made out of a Ponte Roma knit, using McCall's Pattern 6173.

I made the boot covers, straps, belt, pouches and gloves out of a brown vinyl I got on clearance at JoAnn's ages ago. I draped fabric scraps around my boots base to make the pattern for the covers. I used Butterick 5370 for the gloves, and the bracers are craft foam with blue suede-cloth covers. You can't see the belt's pouches in this photo, but I made them starting with a foam board base to hold the shape, and then made vinyl covers for them.

The belt buckle is made out of Popsicle sticks, plastic from a "Garage Sale" Sign, and Super Sculpey

The Tunic and hat are made out of a green suiting fabric and lined with a green bottomweight I had on-hand. I did some draping to make the pattern for each. The top of my tunic is being wonky in most photos though; it kept getting caught on a certain part of my strap. XD

The undershirt was made out of a knit. I can't quite remember what pattern I used (I made the shirt 2 years ago because it was when I was planning for TP Link XD), but it was from modifying a turtleneck pattern. It still has a cord criss-crossing at the top like the TP design, but I didn't care to make another one since I didn't have a whole lot of time or money for more materials.

The wig is a Ferrari in Ginger Blonde from, and I styled it myself with Got2b hairspray and fabric glue.

The shield started with a foam board base, and I covered the front with sheet plastic (you can get this stuff from and did all the details in sheet plastic as well. The border section was cut from huge EVA foam sheets (the kind you can find in the automotive sections of stores like Sears!). In the back is a vinyl strap, more Eva Foam, and a handle made out of a PVC pipe. I painted everything with metallics and model spray paints. The foam parts were first sealed with mod podge so it wouldn't look spongy when painted.

The sword and scabbard both started with a foam board base, and they're covered with more sheet plastic. I used craft foam for the details on the scabbard, and all the fancy handle details on the sword are made from the plastic sheet stuff. The handle itself is a piece of PCV pipe with ribbon wrapped around it. I used metallic and model spray paints for these props as well.

I wanna give a big shoutout to one of my best friends :iconkmrsworld734: for saving my butt. Once I got the costume for Link done,I only had a week left to make all of my props, and I originally wanted to make parts of them out of wood. I chose to switch to plastic at the last minute because I'm not very confident with electric cutting tools, but our hometown's hardware stores didn't have any plastic sheets larger than a garage sale sign. My friend happened to have a bunch on-hand and let me use a big sheet of it so I wouldn't be a defenseless Link. I wouldn't have been able to pull all this off for the con without her. <3

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is (c) Nintendo
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love it!! I'm planning to cosplay as Link, what did you do for the pants?

and what materials did you use for the tunic?
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The outfits are amazing!
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