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January 28, 2010
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Jan 5, 2009, 12:02:57 AM
Johan Teaser by Malindachan Johan Teaser by Malindachan
Photo will be scrapped after I get better shots.

And according to the GX manga, BUTTERFLIES!

So yeah, this is what I was trying to get done for Ikkicon before we encountered other problems ^^;

But yay, it's done now! ^.^
Hopefully Ex-Shadow will get his newest cosplay finished soon too :3 (he's taking a break until he gets his next paycheck). We'll be taking them to Naka-kon for sure!

Edit: now with INFO TEXT WALL! (I remembered this time! I still need to go back and do this with several other cosplays...maybe someday XDD)

The wig I styled was originally a blue punky. Color isn't the most accurate, but I've noticed that the exact color is SUPER hard to find D: (it's always either too blue or too green). Decided to stick with a punky for the volume-goodness they provide for spikes. I suppose I could have used the sharpie-dye method to get the right color, but I'm lazy and on a low budget. XD And I think the blue color still looks nice, so It's not a big deal IMO *shrugs*
I styled it with Aqua net hairspray and a little bit of tacky glue. The glue is only in the very very tips of the spikes to keep them together better. I only recommend it if you take good care of your wigs and are not planning on going back to redo things later (cuz the glue is a pain to get out). If I had more time and patience, I would have gone without the glue and done the other method, which is spraying the heck out of it with aqua net, combing it out once it's dry, and then repeating until the spikes stick together without looking stringy. By the time this step is reached, the wig only needs a very light amount of hairspray.

Made the shirt from scratch. I originally wanted to do the light purple tint that most references have, but everything I found was too dark (or in a fabric I didn't want to use). I figured white would be safe though, and I already had tons of white twill in my pile of fabrics at home. I suppose I can dye it later on...but I can't do it at the dorms (oh well). There's elastic in the wrists to give it the frill! :3 Also used purple bias tape around the collar.

Vest was also made from scratch. There was blue bottomweight fabric leftover from the Obelisk coat we made for my roomate, and I used the leftovers for Johan's vest. The "toilet Seat" collar is made out of vinyl. Finished the edges with bias tape and installed snaps in the front and back.

Pants were originally from Goodwill. I added quilt binding onto the front, and brought in the seams so the legs wouldn't be so baggy. They have no back pockets, but I might add them in later (not too worried though since only weird people will be taking pictures of my butt XDDD)

Belt was from my closet! XD

Made the boot covers from scratch. They caused me problems, but it was worth the hard work! They tie under the shoes with velcro, and they tighten around the leg with a buckle. The red gem things on the sides are googly eyes that I cut open and painted red on the inside.
The shoes under the covers came from goodwill, but they were originally all black (I can't find white shoes with black bottoms for a decent price ANYWHERE!) I taped up the bottom and ended up spray-painting the shoes white. It was a bit of an experiment, but it looks like the paint I used was pretty good! (it was some higher quality stuff that i had leftover from a sculpture class) It might crack where the most stress is at, but I don't think it's going to be very noticable.

Oh, and it's not shown in this photo cuz it's in the back, but I have a deckbox on my belt too! I covered up the box's text with some black electrical tape I had lying around, and I made the red strap that comes up and snaps onto the top flap. I also fixed it so it could snap onto my belt. THERE IS A CRYSTAL BEAST DECK IN THERE! *dances*

I also made Ruby! She was a gift for Ex-shadow originally, but I'm borrowing her for this cosplay ^.^
I started with a cat plush pattern [link] but I made some modifications to it and made the head, ears, and tail completely different.


Yugioh GX is (c) Kazuki Takahashi
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Greninjastorm Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
You are made of pure awesomeness!
mykaelaishtar Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Student General Artist
stop.being.amazing!! ((\>3</)) :squee:
AnotherArt-ist Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
Oooh!~ I agree with Rubika-chan and SeiAni! You make an amazing Johan. Wow, this cosplaying business sound like alot of work! But it looks like it's worth it. I hope you will do more cosplaying as Johan :D Maybe even make a female costume for our dear "GIRLY BLUE-HAIRED BOY THAT LIKES RAINBOWS! 8D
And according to the GX manga, BUTTERFLIES!?" XD I love that. But seriously, I love your cosplaying, and I love how you post what you used to make the costume :3
Chocotok Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
goodmans Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010
God, Its going to take time to see you play as johan now. I guess seening EX-Shadow for so long its strange to see you taking his place, but at least thats one more costume for the closset.
vocaloid100 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010
you're a total yugioh cosplayer!!

i like all your work..
RyosukeTakahashiReX7 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010
Great work as always.
FacelessYusei Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You look prrrdy i give it a 10/10. love ur work. im going to my first con in april and im going as who else faceless yusei.
FlickeringCrimson Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
damn you and your prettyness! >.< *wishes i was a bishie*
pharaohyamifan Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
Oops, forgot to add, can the method also be used fpr Yami? I'll be doing that too at some point...
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