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May 20, 2013
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Magi: Judal by Malindachan Magi: Judal by Malindachan
I feel like profile shots are better for this costume because it shows off the wig better XD

So yeah! I made this in about one week for Acen so I could do Magi things with friends! <3 I read up to current on the manga, and I enjoy it a lot! :D I had a hard time picking a character to cosplay, so I picked the one with the most ridiculous hair. XD

I always post a wall of costume construction notes with each new cosplay, so here's this one!

Wig: I used a Vegas from Arda Wigs for the base, and just one long ponytail clip for the ponytail. To save money and having to deal with messier Styrofoam, I used expanding spray foam for all the foam core. I made several huge blobs that I later shaved down with a box knife until I had 10 balls of different sizes. I painted them black and threaded them together with thick wefting thread before gluing and hair-spraying down fibers that I harvested from the ponytail clip. After I got so far down, I glued down the longer fibers from the Vegas to secure the ponytail to the wig, and the top is wrapped with some wide, white elastic. before securing the ends of the fibers down when I got to the end, I started adding some more fibers and would layer the ends of the first set over them so the tops of the loose fibers would be hidden. This whole process is kinda complicated to describe without visual references, but luckily for you guys I will be uploading some of my progress photos when I upload a foam core tutorial. (which will hopefully be sometime this week) :) After the ponytail was done, I trimmed the Vegas down a lot with a razor and styled it a little.
The wig actually isn't too heavy, and it stayed on my head fine even before I added in wig clips in the front. The only big issue I was having was that the ponytail was pulling the nape away from my head a bit, but I fixed this problems with just a couple wig clips in the back. It likes to bump against my legs as I walk too (since it's goes to around my ankles), so sometimes I have to hold it behind me or around me so that it doesn't get messy (and this also helps a bit with the weight after I've been wearing it for a few hours). XD

Edit: Here's the tutorial for the wig!

Pants: the pants were made based on some pirate pants my husband had. His were actually a lot wider and the crotch was higher, so I just eyeballed everything and made my pants to be just a tad less baggy and with a lower crotch. I used a black suiting fabric for both the pants and top.

Top: I loosely based my pattern off of the top of Simplicity 4249, but I changed it so that the under bust line was straight across (and the band under it is taken out entirely), the shape of the collar is different, and it zips up in the back rather than have an opening or seam in the front. I made the top so that it would basically act as a chest binder as well, and I did this by adding a layer of craft foam in the front to act as a firm padding, and the back pieces were cut on the bias so they would have some stretch to them for comfort. I cut out and sewed on the gold satin fabric for the edging before sewing the pieces of the top together.

The white scarf thing is essentially a tube of white crepe fabric I had on-hand. It's two layers sewn together and the seam is in the back. I took in the seam so it'd make an angle (so the top is a little smaller and the bottom is wider).

I had made his jewelry and his wand, but I plan to re-make them before the next time I wear the costume because they were rushed and I didn't like the method I used. I used a thick piping and covered each piece in the same gold satin that was used on the top's trim. They velcro together, but the piping is so thick that it's not as flexible as I'd like it to be. Much thanks to my husband though for helping me a bit on the bracelets because I didn't think I would have time to finish them. The gems on the necklace and wand (not pictured) were resin-casted myself.

Related photos:

Photo taken by :iconex-shadow:
At Acen 2013

Magi the Labyrinth of Magic is (c) Shinobu Ohtaka
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Embassy Suites! 
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sweet cosplay!
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Love the cosplay :3
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You sure do a lot of chest binding for your cosplays, eh? xD

But ahhh. You do so many amazing cosplays. It's awesome. And so many impressive wigs. *-*
Suika-Eman Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats some nice weave u got there.
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