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June 18, 2008
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Season 4 Judai cosplay by Malindachan Season 4 Judai cosplay by Malindachan
Lots of people were asking me if I was going to make a season 4 version of Judai, and I decided that I might as well (mainly because I wanted to remake my Osiris jacket...the first one I made has seen better days....) >.<

So now I'm even happier about my Judai cosplay! XD

The differences between this cosplay and the first one?:

~My first Jacket was made out of fabric donated by my roomate's mom (she had a ton of it at her house, and it made my life easier at the time because I didn't have to spend almost any money on the jacket). However, the red fabric was flannel....which looks fine at first, but starts getting that fuzzy look over time.
My new jacket is made from the fabrics I wanted to use but couldn't afford the first time around.

~the trim around the collar and white pieces on the original looked like crap up close....let's just say that there were many problems while sewing it.....
This time (as well as the time I made a Ra jacket for my Daichi), I knew what to expect when I added on the trim and white pieces.

~The overall styles of the jackets are a little different. In seasons 1-3, Judai's jacket is a little shorter and baggy. In season 4, it's fits closer to his form and is longer, flairing out behind him (however, I decided not to try making it defy gravity....knowing me, I would have probably messed it up....and it would have been annoying to transport or sit down with)

~ I didn't really do much to change my wig. I just flattened down the antennas on top and fixed the bangs a bit.

~ I was able to keep the same shoes, but I had to use a different shirt and pair of pants. Season 4 Judai's pants are black instead of white, and he wears a shirt with a higher collar that has a slit in the front. I modified a turtleneck and found a black pair of pants in my closet XD

So yeah, sorry for the huge artist comment >.<
more pictures will be coming soon! ^.^

Cosplay by me
photo by :iconfluey:
Judai/Jaden Yuki (c) Kazuki Takahashi
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hughmo5 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
I used the same methods for my Season 4 Jaden! Except I used dark jeans because the original art has that color but still sooo amazing. I used your tutorials for the wig aswell!
auzurii Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
that's sick... meaning it's totally awesome
Xim74 Featured By Owner May 6, 2010
First of all, I wanna say you make a totally sweet Judai! Secondly, I was trying to find a cosplay, but none that'll work for Season 4.

I was wondering if you tell me what material you used for the jacket, and where I could find it. I'd ask where you got the wig too, and how you styled it; but I feel like I'd already be asking you too much ~_~ Plus, I figure my natural hair could do it, minus the orange layering.

If you can answer any of this, I'd appreciate it. Also, was wondering if you planned on CTcon this year, because I'd like to get a big number of YGO cosplayers, and have cosplay duels, if I can pull everything together.

Malindachan Featured By Owner May 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
the wig is actually mass-manufactured overseas, and I got one on ebay. I just had to trim it a bit (since the bangs were originally pretty long).

I get my materials for costumes at JoAnn's fabrics. it's a red bottom-weight fabric with a thin cotton lining on the inside.
Crystalheart14 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010   Writer
Yayz! Season 4 Jaden! I'm going to Kami-con this Saturday, but its sad because I can't cosplay...
Jackie-Hagasowa Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
If Jaden Has Cable In his dorm with chazz he should stay up til like 3am and turn to channel 18,They Sell KNIFES!
That way if jaden can buy them he wont need to steal sasukes XD
redsnowkiss Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
Oh wow this is a great job. What kind of wig did you use to get it to look like that?
Malindachan Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
it was originally a mid-length brown wig that I cut and styled. the top is a hairpiece made out of orange extentions that I sewed and glued to the top of the wig
redsnowkiss Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
Wow you did a wonderful job.
blackphantom1412 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2008
yay judai :)

i am going to be going to a small convention in liverpool and insted of going as light (because i didnt actualy make anthing on that cosplay) i will hopefully make a judai cosplay (minus wigs as im not allowed to order them :()

i was wondering if you knew any sites with good refrences
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